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jbtips professional

Meets Common Core State Standards!

You know that the work world can be an intimidating place for your students, especially those with learning and communication differences.JobTIPS Toolbox PRO is filled with resources to help you coach your students through the challenges of assessing their skills, finding and applying for jobs, and practicing the social skills needed to do well in the workplace.

JobTIPS Toolbox PRO provides research-based, effective teaching materials for students of all learning styles. The suite of Common Core Standards-targeted resources includes self and instructor-led assessments, visual supports, graphic organizers, social stories and comics, and video modeling. The resources found in JobTIPS Professional are meant to appeal to a wide range of student interests and skill levels, so your students can have fun while they develop their skills.

Included inJobTIPS Toolbox PRO is a comprehensive Teaching Guide that provides you with all the information you need to build and execute a job skills curriculum for students of all abilities. Instruction techniques based on the latest research in social skills building helps ensure student success. Also included in the Teaching Guide are tips for getting the most out of the JobTIPS resources in the instructional environment.

From the resume to the interview to the first day at work and beyond,JobTIPS Toolbox PRO covers every step towards helping students succeed on the job!

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