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FACELAND uses an Amusement Park theme to engage and motivate. 6 “Schools” introduce concepts as “clues” and 11 game-like activities offer practice that is fun!

Faceland was designed and developed by Donna Stanger, 20 year teacher, educational software developer since 1979, and responsible for over 100 award winning programs from Edmark and Sunburst including Magic Slate, Muppet Slate, Thinking Things, Imagination Express, Mighty Math, and the early learning “House” series.

FACELAND “Schools” help children build skill in facial recognition of emotion by:

  • Breaking concepts down into smaller pieces (clues)
  • Promoting clue acquisition via spaced repetition
  • Checking for understanding of clues using new examples
  • Combining clues for “part to whole” learning
  • Utilizing instruction that incorporates photos, mirror mimic sessions, and varied interaction

Easy-to-use Adult Options:

  • Player Progress – view and print for IEPs
  • Assign Single Activity – to individualize
  • Teaching Tips – for use of special features
Faceland is compatible with all versions of the PC. It does not work on Mac operating systems or Mac PC platforms.
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