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Story Strips

Story strips are built on the concepts learned in the schedules section. These strips are variations on the schedule in which pictures are used to tell a story. Simply put, to make a story strip, take what you would say in words and turn it into pictures.

new activity

The story strip can detail a new activity. Examples include what is going to happen on a trip to see the doctor, what to expect when visiting the school photographer, or a trip to the playground.

Trip to the Playground
"First we are going to get into the car and fasten the seatbelt. When we get to the playground, we play on the swings and the slide. When we are finished, we get back in the car, fasten our seatbelts, and go home."

review an experience

Story strips are an effective way to review an experience. Strips can be used repeatedly to remind someone of what happened when he went to the playground or on a class trip roller skating.

Class Trip Roller Skating
"Last Wednesday our class went roller skating. We all rode the school bus. We roller skated. It was fun!"

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