Reciprocal Communication
   Making Requests
   Making Choices

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physical variations

Poster schedule

Displaying the schedule:

  • mount picture cards to poster board, use single strip or full size with days of the week grid
  • mount cards on a clipboard hung on back of doors or carried
  • carry cards in 3 ring binders
  • mount cards in photo albums
  • use manila folders with picture cards attached inside
Some of these are more permanent for home or classroom use. Others are smaller and more portable.

Protecting the picture cards and schedules:

  • cover with clear contact paper
  • cover with clear packing tape
  • cover with overhead transparency sheets
  • laminate

Covering picture cards and forms will protect them and make them more stable. You can write on any of these surfaces with overhead transparency markers that will wipe off with a little glass cleaner.

: Print out picture cards and forms and cover with clear contact paper before cutting them.

Transitioning between activities:

  • cross or check off picture as activity shown on picture card is completed
  • move picture to a finished container when activity on picture card is completed
  • turn picture card over on chart when completed
  • take completed picture card to next activity area when it is finished
    Finished baskets and envelope

Examples of a "Finished" container:

  • plastic basket
  • shoe box
  • coffee can
  • envelopes (cut long size in half and use both sides)
  • pockets


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