using old puzzle pieces

Looking for something to do with all those stray puzzle pieces?
Attach fuzzy Velcro dots to the bottom of the puzzle pieces.
Using index cards, make up cards to match the pieces.

single word, CLOCK,
a category, all dog stickers on card.

Cards should reflect ability level of child.
Laminate or cover the "question" card for durability, and place rough Velcro dot on each.

Toss pieces in an old coffee can (no sharp edges, please) and have child match one puzzle piece at a time with a card. This can be set up as a structured activity or an open-ended multi-player game. Take turns, have fun!


I Spy!

Find the animals and place them in the farmyard!
Round up some animal play pieces, a pair of child's binoculars, and a floor mat of a farmyard.

Child can take turns "spying" animal with the binoculars and returning it to its place in the barnyard. Great for prompting conversation about "where a sheep sleeps", "where the pig lives", etc.

Helps with categorization, turn taking, gross motor skills for moving around the big floor mat, and it is fun for the family or the classroom.


Example of a plastic 4 foot by 5 foot floor mat of a farmyard.

Also, a floor mat of a town with roads, houses, fire stations, schools can also be used. Assemble toy vehicles, school buses, cars, fire trucks and ambulances that can be appropriately placed within the "neighborhood".

Thanks to Barbara Bianco, therapist, Chapel Hill TEACCH Center