This board shows different transition objects from the most concrete to the most abstract. For example, if bubbles were an activity a child could choose, the most concrete to abstract would be to carry:
the bubble wand to the bubble activity,
a card with the bubble wand exactly outlined and drawn,
a picture card of bubbles,
a picture card of bubbles with word,
a card with just the word.

The yellow plastic folder in the foreground shows a choice board using concrete pieces of each toy as a transition object. Using velcro on the folder and toy pieces, the pieces will attach to the open folder.

The blue square choice is for the wooden shape puzzle.
The red key goes to the activity box.
The orange star for the shape pyramid.
The plastic hammer for the pound-a-ball.

These transition objects help the child freely communicate his choices in a structured manner.

Thanks to Pam DiLavore, therapist, Raleigh TEACCH Center