Educators and parents may want to use this check list to organize and track the learning progress of each individual. Each activity on our web site is designed to offer instruction, practice and feedback in developing one or more of the skills listed below. This list of activities will expand as our site grows.

We are developing our activities and learning games based on standards of effective instruction supported by research. These include task analysis (breaking new skills down into very small steps that can be taught individually), direct instruction (showing how to do each new skill and providing a great deal of guided and independent practice with different examples), and programming for generalization (being able to repeat the skill in different settings).

Please note, these skills are best learned when first practiced in isolation, and then practiced in situations as much like the real world as possible.

learning skills checklist

picture card activities understanding the world sequencing


daily living social skills safety skills
schedules   x   x    
story strips   x     x x
talking back     x      
learning helpers            
alphabet learning x     x    
color learning x   x      
shape learning x          
clock face   x   x    
math aids       x    
feelings chart     x x    
art projects            
how to draw   x x      
coloring pages x   x