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Improving Social Behavior


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Purpose:  To help individuals with special needs recognize the importance of learning to wait and developing strategies to help become more patient


  • Review the “Why Wait” social article
  • Brainstorm a list of 3 situations in which your student has to wait
  • Brainstorm 2 additional strategies for helping to become more patient while waiting

Real Life Examples

Waiting in line during lunch


Waiting in line at a dinner buffet


Waiting in line at the bank

For many individuals with special needs the lack of understanding of time or the passage of time can make waiting very difficult. If your student has the ability to learn to tell time, this skill may support their ability to learn to wait. Also, some individuals with social and learning issues may not be able to recognize “why” someone is making them wait. This is part of not being able to take another person’s perspective. It is helpful to talk through the specific reasons for waiting to help them develop the ability to think through the situation and take another person’s point of view.