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Improving Communication Skills

Responding to Questions

Download the PDF Forms:

Purpose: To give students with social and communication issues an understanding of why someone would ask them a question and why they should respond

Instructions:  Read the information sheet with your student or child.  Review this information when a “teachable moment” arises to help remind them of the importance of responding to questions and why someone is asking them for information.

Real Life Examples

What happened at school today?


What kind of grades do you think you will get this semester?


Did you complete the assignment that your boss gave you?

This activity is designed for children/adults that have difficulty taking another person’s perspective with relation to responding to questions.  Some individuals with special needs may think it is not necessary to respond if the other person already knows the answer to the question.  This activity does not take into account those individuals that may not respond to questions due to inattention or language processing issues.