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Improving Social Behavior

Respecting the Ideas of Others

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Purpose:  To explain in concrete terms and activities that people have different points of view


  • View the social article about Respecting the Ideas of Others
  • Brainstorm times when your student has experienced someone having a different point of view than he/she did about a given topic
  • Complete the T-Chart graphic organizer to help your student know what to do and NOT to do when someone expresses a different viewpoint
  • Role play situations that your student may encounter related to having a different viewpoint (i.e. difference of opinion about the best sports team or video game preference during conversation)
  • Provide constructive feedback so that your student knows how to modify his/her response appropriately
Real Life Examples

Show and Tell


Brainstorming discussion in class


Round table discussion with colleagues at work


It is important to understand that many individuals with social learning issues have difficulty recognizing that other people may think differently than they do about a given topic or situation. Some individuals may even be under the impression that every thought that they “think” is simultaneously being thought by others. This is often part of their social disability. Teaching these individuals that other people may have a different point of view and how to respond appropriate is an important social skill and takes time and practice to master.

Sample Form: