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Improving Social Behavior

Participating With Others

Download the PDF Forms:

Purpose:  To help individuals with social issues to understand the expectations that others have of them in certain social situations.

Real Life Examples

Playing with others at recess


Eating with others at lunch time


Talking with others in the break room


  • Read the handout
  • Complete both lists to help the student understand when he/she is expected to participate in certain events
  • Use the Topic Tree graphic organizer to provide specific information about a given social event and the social expectations of the student during the event
It is important to recognize that individuals with social issues can become anxious or stressed out about impending social activities that require them to participate with others. Providing them with information about your expectations of them and helping them to understand when the activity will take place, how long it will run and what their role is can be extremely helpful. Providing an incentive for their participation can boost enthusiasm as well.

Sample Form: