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Improving Social Behavior

Choosing Friends

Download the PDF Forms:

Purpose:  To help individuals with social difficulties develop a system for determining whether or not someone has the potential to be a good friend.

Real Life Examples

Who to play with at recess


Who to hang out with after school


Who to invite over for dinner


  • Brainstorm a list of traits that good friends have
  • Brainstorm things that people do when they are not being a good friend
  • Complete the “Friend Quiz”
  • Complete the Decision Making Guide
Many people with social issues often want friends but have difficulty making them or keeping them. Sometimes, they may misinterpret someone’s initial kindness or attention as “friendship”. Due to the difficulty with reading the intension of others, some people with social issues can be taken advantage of by those that are manipulative and recognize the vulnerability in others. Strategies such as the decision making guide may help people with social issues work through the process of accurately judging the behavior of those they are interacting with and making good decisions about developing relationships with these individuals.

Sample Form: