These programs are to practice only. Always make sure that your child is with an adult when in situations that may be dangerous.

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StreetSafety Lesson

Allows someone to practice correct street safety procedures by using a make believe world and a friendly mascot to demonstrate what to do if you need to cross the street. The keyboard directional arrows let you move around the world. The ~ key brings up a menu of other options during game play, and the Esc key switches out of full screen mode.

The first time you play you will have to install a game program called Wild Tangent. Click here for instructions.
(To disable the Wild Tangent GameChannel, click here.)

Requires graphics card and a Wild Tangent Download before March 2004.
NOTE: This game will not play unless you downloaded the Wild Tangent Game Engine before March, 2004

Internet Explorer 4 and up
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Free Wild Tangent downloadable plug-in
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