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Standardized Testing

The purpose of standardized testing is to compare a student’s functioning or academic performance based upon the results of their performance on tasks to the results on the same tasks completed by group of subjects who are considered to represent the population. The scores can be compared in order to make deductions regarding the student’s performance. School systems use a variety of standardized tests such as the Standford Tests and the Iowa Basic Skills Tests to measure their students’ performance in academics.

Testing Accommodations

Some children will require testing accommodations to take the standardized tests. Some accommodations will not affect the scores and enable the administrators to make comparisons about the student’s performance based on an age group or a grade level. However, some adjustments to the testing setting, administration of the test, and/or the test presentation may influence results, thus invalidating the score comparisons.

Examples of General Accommodations That May Not Influence the Standardization of the Test Scores

* It is important to check with your state department of education or test publisher to determine if the accommodations alter the standardization of the test results.

Test Setting

Small group
Special education classroom
Specific lighting conditions
Preferential setting
Slant board to assist with writing
Study carrel
Individualized administration
Frequent monitored breaks
Extended Time

magnification overlay

Presentation of Test

Large print materials
Cover overlays or templates
Low vision aids
Sign the directions
Adaptive Listening devices
Explain or paraphrase the directions for clarity
Repetition of directions
Materials presented with contrast or tactile cues

Student Responses

pencil grips

Technological apparatus (e.g. Braille writer)
Mark answers in test booklet
Test recorder
Point to answer
Verbal responses
Adaptive writing tools (e.g. pencil grip)

Check with your state department of education regarding standardized testing accommodations, samples of the standardized tests, and testing requirements.