Teacher Toolbox
Learning Strategies - Study Skills

General Suggestions

Teachers can help the students with managing and completing homework assignments. 

Suggestions to help students with homework
  • Maintain a consistent homework schedule.
  • Give parents a syllabus or a homework schedule that they can keep at home.  Some classes have a website that post the weekly homework.
  • Review the assignment with the student.  Ask the student to tell about the assignment and provide any clarification they may need.
  • Help the student to remember to bring their books home.  Put a check list in their book bag, or tape a reminder in their locker or storage space at school
  • Provide extra copies of instructional support charts at home, such as vertical number lines, multiplication tables, number boards, and mathematic grids.
  • Assign homework as a way to provide practice and review of previously learned skills.  Establish the purpose of the assignment.  State the expectation for completion of the assignment to the student.  This will help to engage the student in the assignment.
  • Keep homework assignment lengths developmentally appropriate.  For example, students in the first grade need to have no more that 20 minutes of work an evening. Students who have long, tedious homework assignments become frustrated and disengaged with the learning process.