Teacher Toolbox
Learning Strategies - Overview

Classroom Routines

Establishing consistent classroom routines often helps children remember the expectations required to maneuver in the setting. 

Classroom expectations reinforced by classroom routines

Children need to respect others.

  • Children need to learn to accept others no matter what creed, color, disability, or learning difference there may be.
  • Provide children with opportunities to discuss with the teacher privately questions or concerns they may have.
A "Weekly Job Chart" helps a child
remember his or her chore
Children need try their best in each subject area and on each task
  • This helps to establish a work ethic and reinforce the value of learning –
  • Avoid having students grade each other's papers. This helps to lessen the anxiety and embarrassment some children may feel when they do not understand a task.
  • To help children remember to turn in homework, provide a specific time and location for the children to turn in assignments.
  • Designate an area for students to post their work in the classroom.  This helps to place value on their work.
Children need to help take care of the classroom
  • This helps children become invested in the room and learn to take care of materials.
  • Give each student a chore or a job to help maintain the classroom.