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Useful Manipulatives

List of Useful Manipulatives for Mathematics Instruction

These can be used in math classes across grade levels.

  • Base 10 blocks
  • Unifix cubes
  • Tangrams
  • Pattern blocks       
  • Attribute blocks
  • Dual colored counters
  • * Set of unit blocks - www.childcraft.com
  • Variety of dice (include regular six sided dice, four sided dice and octahedrons)
  • Playing cards
  • Dominoes (include 9 dots and/or 12 dots)
  • Unifix Cubes
    Geometric patterns or shape templates
  • Buttons or other objects
  • Sorting trays or mats
  • Containers in different sizes
  • Colored paper in a variety of sizes and shades
Most of these manipulatives can be purchased at a local school supply store or online.  Examples of materials that can be made or collected include sorting mats, pattern templates, containers, scraps of different colored papers left over from wrapping paper, envelopes, or greeting cards, and dice collected from old games that are no longer used.