Teacher Toolbox

Social Skills Card Game

bottoms upMaterials:
Construction Paper and Markers

The Sender/Receiver game can be used to to practice speaking and listening in small groups up to 4 children.

Object: To practice speaking, listening, turn-taking

  • To make a sender/receiver card game, create two decks of cards.
  • One deck of cards will consist of 4 cards.  1 card will have "receiver" written on it.  The remaining three cards will have "sender" written on them with a number ranging from 1-3.
  • The second deck of cards will have different topics listed.
  • The players will select a card from the Sender/Receiver pile.  This will tell them their role in the game.
  • The senders will draw 1 card from the topic pile.  This will tell them what they need to discuss. The senders will not reveal the topic of the discussion to the receiver.
  • The child who picked "sender card 1" will say 2 sentences about that topic.  Next, "sender card 2" needs to add 2 sentences about the topic selected, then "sender card 3" will need to add the concluding 2 sentences.
  • The child who drew the "receiver" card will need to listen to each of the presentations and will need to summarize in their own words what they heard about the topic and guess the name of the topic.   

This not only provides practice for speaking and listening, but also helps children summarize, formulate thoughts, and draw conclusions from talks.