Teacher Toolbox

Homemade Games

These games can be played using a deck of cards, chips, coins, or homemade picture cards.



Skills Taught:

Switch "Switch" Visual recognition, shifting, visual attention, matching
Acey-Deucy "Acey-Deucy" Shifting skills, set changing, recognition, adding, visual attention
Ciao Seppe "Ciao Seppe " Planning skills, shifting, simple strategy
Bottoms Up "Bottoms Up " Math composition
pick the last coin "Pick the Last Coin " Strategy, planning
Chip Exchange "Chip Exchange " Categories, Groups
the last checker "The Last Checker " Planning, Strategy
Bingo "Picture Card Bingo " Categories
"Social Skills Card Game" Speaking, Listening, Turn-Taking
"Separate Sounds Activity" Individual Sounds
"Sound Bingo" Word Boundaries, Individual Sounds
"Word War" Word Listening
"Go Fish Letters" Letter Recognition, Individual Sounds
"Hangman" Letter Recognition