Teacher Toolbox

Commercial Games

Ages 4+


Skills Taught:

I Spy "I Spy" Visual Discrimination, Similarities and Differences, Object Recognition
secret square "Secret Square"

Giving Descriptions, Generating Questions, and Deductive Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving

Ages 6-7


Skills Taught:

blink "Blink" Visual Discrimination, Shifting and Applying Rules, and Sorting
"L-C-R" Spatial/Language, Direction Concepts of Left-Right-Center, Following Sequences
guess who "Guess Who" Analytic Thinking, Memory, Strategy
rat a tat cat "Rat-A-Tat Cat" Memory, Basic Addition, Digits 0-9, More / Less, and Planning
"Scrabble Jr." Word Recognition, Spelling, and Word Knowledge

Ages 8+


Skills Taught:

clue "Clue" Selecting Relevant Information, Language Comprehension, Deductive Reasoning, and Formulating Conclusions
scrabble "Scrabble" Word Recognition, Spelling, and Word Knowledge
rummikub "Rummikub" Number sets, Number Sequencing, Sorting, and Shifting Rules
3 stones "3 Stones" Spatial Skills, Planning, and Analytic Thinking