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Area Screen

A section of a room can become a quiet seating area by using a screen to remove the visual distraction of other children. In the below illustration, a bookcase and commercially available 3 foot folding screen visually isolate a bench placed against the wall. Having books in the bookcase allows the child to read while seated on the bench but to not see other activity in the room.

The screen should be placed in a way that allows the teacher to always keep visual contact with the child by looking over the screen from anywhere in the room. The screen was attached to the wall with 3 secure brackets to make sure that it did not fall on a child and could not be pulled down by a child.

Bookcases could be used to create the same effect as in this Reading Center, but the screen has the advantage of allowing the teacher to fold it back so that the entire room can be utilized.

Note: You may need to verify that your school allows modification of the room and that it meets your school's safety requirements.