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Classroom Management - Behavior in the Classroom

Visual Feedback

To provide students with visual cues or reminders, charts or graphs can be used.

Charts and cues need to be developed according to the individual student’s needs.

Using a Behavior Chart

Example of Behavior Chart

Flower Chart Directions:

  1. Use the flower chart during an activity to monitor the interactions.

  2. Establish that the student must have 1 petal on the flower in order to get a simple reinforcement, such as a sticker.

  3. If the student does not follow the expectation, a petal is not given to him/her.

  4. If the student does not have a petal after the activity period, then he/she does not receive a reinforcement for that activity.

  5. The student must receive three stickers – or simple reinforcements by the end of the day in order to receive a positive reinforcement, such as a candy bar, at home after school.

  6. If the student does not meet the criteria, then the student does not receive reinforcement at home for that day.