Teacher Toolbox

Constant talking

  • Seat the student in a location with minimal distractions.
  • Use a visual cue or "talking gauge" that can be moved to show when talking is too much without competing with or adding to the noise.
  • Use a gentle touch on the shoulder to help as a reminder.
  • Have the student keep a notebook when they feel they must talk but it is inappropriate. Encourage them to write down their thoughts and allow another time for them to present their thoughts.
Talking Gauge

Make a talking gauge

  1. Take a paper plate and cut it in half.
  2. Attach a pointer using a brad clip.
  3. Write on the left side too quiet - write in the center just right, and on the right side of the half – too much.
The teacher then can place the gauge in a visible location and direct the student to notice its location. The teacher can use the gauge to indicate to the student when there is too much talking and help to draw the student’s attention back to the lesson. Training the student to watch the teacher moving the gauge will help him/her to learn to be aware to the surroundings and to adjust his/her behavior accordingly.