Teacher Toolbox

Randomly moving from one activity to another without finishing

  • Use checklists or picture directions to lay out instructions and expectations:

    Example Checklist for Reading Assignment:
                  When reading, think about
                          Who ___________
                          Where _________
                          When __________
                   What happened?
                           First ___________
                           Next ___________
                           Then ___________
                    Ending _____________ 

  • Limit the number of activity centers or choices.

    Example Choice Limit:

    Example Choice Limit

  • Specify the sequence of activities the student needs to follow – use picture schedules to help the student follow the sequence.

    Example Picture Directions for Class Day Schedule:

    Picture Directions

  • Define what needs to be done before beginning another activity.

    Example Journal to Keep Track of Tasks:

         Write a Journal to keep track of each task you do. For each task,
         1. Does your journal entry include who, what, where, and when for the task? _______
         2. Does your journal entry have a beginning, middle, and end step for the task? _______
         3. Did you write in full sentences? _______
         4. Did you use capitalization and punctuation? _______
         5. Did you read your journal out loud? _______
         6. Does your entry make sense? _______