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Classroom Management - Behavior in the Classroom


When observing a student’s classroom behavior, there are some questions to consider that may help to devise a hypothesis around which to structure the behavior intervention plan.


Some Questions to Consider When Conducting a Behavior Observation

After formulating the guiding questions, observe the student’s behavior in the classroom. Observations need to occur across different times of day in different settings, such as in the classroom and in the playground or in the lunch room. Pay close attention to the event or events that preceded the behavior.

Antecedents That Could Trigger Negative Behavior

From the data gathered, conclusions and interventions can be created to help support the student's behavior or to help with discovering if additional services are needed to support the student in the educational environment.

Whenever possible, ask a neutral observer to conduct the behavioral assessment during class time.

If this is not possible, try using a small slip of paper and pencil to mark the number of occurrences. Wait to transfer the number of occurrences to the data sheet until the end of the observation.

Keeping a sticky pad or small notepad handy for recording makes it less obvious to the students that a behavioral observation is occurring. This will promote a more natural interaction in the classroom.