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Classroom Management - Behavior in the Classroom

Replacement Behaviors

Determine behaviors that will help the child accomplish the goals defined in Step 1 of the Behavior Management Plan. Keep in mind the abilities of the child and try to be realistic.

  • Example: A child who hits other children when angry may need to practice a replacement behavior of clasping his hands behind his back when angry.

Sample Form

Sample Form

In the Sample Behavior Management Plan, target replacement behaviors are chosen for CW based on the goals. These replacement strategies may or may not directly match the 3 goals in Step 1, since actions such as going to a quiet area when upset can be a replacement strategy for more than one goal, and one goal can have several replacement actions.

1. Signal to teacher when overwhelmed.

2. Use words when angry.

3. Keep hands to your self. Keep hands away from other children when angry.

4. Learn to go to a quiet area independently when needing to calm down.

5. Go to an adult to ask for help when transitions or peer negotiations are difficult.