Teacher Toolbox
Classroom Management - Arousal Regulation / Attention


Strategies for helping a child with the arousal regulation problem of being impulsive include:

  • Use simple and clearly defined expectations to help define boundaries.

    Example: Say to the child, "When we go to the store, always hold my hand."

  • Use picture schedules and maintain a consistent daily routine:
Morning Work Time Daily Schedule
with a column to check when done and a clock that you can put hands on to show the time this event will occur.
School Weekly Morning Schedule
The same activities every day of the week can limit impulsive actions from unexpected transitions.

  • Provide instruction to help learn to plan and recognize cause and effect. Use self-talking strategies such as "If I know this...then..."

    Example of planning: "If I know where my cubby hole is in the classroom, then I know where to put my coat."

    Example of cause/effect: "If I yell in class, I will have to sit in the quiet area."

  • Teach the student to count to ten before making a response.

  • Use student self-rating systems and graphs to illustrate progress and accountability.