Resources for Adults & Seniors

Many adults and seniors benefit from picture cards to reinforce daily living skills because they have trouble processing verbally delivered information, initiating activities, staying focused, and completing every step within a task.  Picture cards can promote accurate and independent completion of daily living activities and thus enhance the individual’s overarching quality of life.  Daily living picture cards can also be integrated into story strips, functional communication systems, and visual schedules. 

Picture Cards


Elder Care Picture Card Set

Hospital Picture Cards

Printable safety signs

Healthcare & Doctor's Visits

Doctor's Visit Checklist

Going to the Hospital Social Story

Questions for the Doctor

Pain Chart

Medications List

Weekly Medications Chart

Medical Contact List

Medical Log


My Communication Book

Communication Board

"I want" Communication Board

"I am" Communication Board

"I have a question" Communication Board

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Communication Board

Bathing Communication Cards


Home Care

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