Shape People

Make a shape person with triangles, circles or squares. Choose which shape you want to target. Then print out the corresponding shape page (below). Using construction paper, cut out a large shape for the body and a small shape for the head. Bend long strips of construction paper back and forth (accordion style) for the arms and legs. Have your child assemble their shape person. Then have them cut and paste the shapes from the print out on the body of the shape person. Be sure to talk to your child about the attributes of the shape. For example, "a triangle has three sides and three corners".

Shape Bingo

This is a fun way to reinforce shape recognition and work on social skills and language development at the same time. Print out the bingo boards and laminate if you wish. Play bingo the classic way with a small group or cut up the cards to use as flash cards. Cutting up the boards will allow for a game of 'go fish' or 'memory' as well. Use the boards at teacher time and ask your student to locate the shapes on the board following your oral description until he's covered the entire board with chips. The possibilities are endless!

Shape Activity Sheets

Use these print outs to reinforce shape recognition.

Shape Tracing

1. Print out the shapes worksheet.
2. Laminate (or cover with clear contact paper) and you can use the same sheet over and over.

1. Demonstrate tracing the shape with your finger.
2. Help the child trace the shape with his/her finger.
3. Give the child a wipe-off crayon or "Vis a Vis" marker to trace the shapes.
4. Number dots and have child connect dots in order.
5. Cut out shapes and back with heavy cardboard. Have child trace around shape.

skill development:
Shape recognition, fine motor control, counting skill with numbered dots. Use large motor skills to draw shapes in finger paint, shaving cream, sand, salt, rice or drawing with chalk on sidewalk or pavement.

Hand over hand assistance may be needed at first.
As your child improves at this task move to a worksheet with fewer, lighter dots.

Shape Matching

1. Print out shape page.
2. Laminate pages and cut out shapes.

1. matching colored shape to colored shape
2. matching colored shape to shape with colored dot
3. matching colored shape to black shape
4. matching black shape to black shape
5. matching colored shape with word to color shape without word
6. matching colored shape with word to black shape with word

skill development:
Shape recognition, color recognition, fine motor strength (using clothespins, paper clips to attach and match) and fine motor control