Old Maid

Ages: 3 years old and up
Number of Players: 2 or more players
Materials: Deck of Cards
Skill Practice: Number recognition
Variation Skill:  Matching

Goal: To make all the matches without retrieving the Old Maid card

Set up:

  1. Remove all Queens from the deck except the Queen of Hearts, this is the Old Maid
  2. Deal the remaining cards to the players

Rules for play:

  1. The players look at their cards and put down any matches in their hand
  2. After all the players put down their matches, play is to begin
  3. The player on the right of dealer begins. The player chooses a player and draws a card from that player’s hand. 
  4. If the player selects a card that is a match, the pair is laid down.  The player chooses another player and draws from their hand. Play continues until the player draws a card that does not make a match.   The player places the card in the hand. It becomes the next player’s turn. 
  5. Play continues until all the matches are made and a player is left with the “Old Maid”