(Also Known As Concentration)

Ages: 3 years old and up
Number of Players: 1-2
Materials: Deck of Cards
Skill Practice: Number Recognition, Matching, Visual scanning, Taking-turns
Variation Skill:  Addition and/or Subtraction

Goal: To get as many matches as possible

Set up:

  1. Make sure to shuffle the cards well to make sure numbers that match will not be laid out next to each other.
  2. Players lay out the deck of cards face down in a rectangular array.  For younger players, remove some of the cards to make a smaller array or use the numbers the children are able to identify.

Rules for play:

  1. Players need to decide who will go first
  2. For each turn, the player will turn 2 cards over one at a time.
  3. If the cards show the same number, it is a match and the player keeps the match. 
  4. If the cards show different numbers, the player returns the card to the face down position.
  5. It is important to remind children to keep the cards in their same location.  This will help them to remember the location of a card when making a match.
  6. Play continues until all the cards have been paired.
  7. The player with the most matches wins the game.


This game can be played to practice addition or subtraction skills.  Older players will turn over four cards and either add or subtract the cards to come up with 2 sums or differences.  If the answers are the same, then it is a match.  If the answers are different then the cards are turned face down and returned to their location in the array.

The value of the face cards and the ace are as follows:

  • Jack = 11
  • Queen = 12
  • King = 13
  • Ace = 1