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Do I have a Home Emotion?

Level 1


Your home emotion is the way you often feel when alone with no input from anyone else. When you are in a quiet place alone, do you often find yourself feeling one particular emotion like happy or anxious for no apparent reason?   This may be your home emotion.  

We often return to our home emotion and it can act like a circle of feelings where we are most comfortable. Knowing a home emotion can help you interpret how you or someone else will respond to things that occur. If someone’s home emotion is around anger, they may become enraged with little warning since on the color wheel, they are already close to that feeling. If someone’s home emotion is around happy they may very rarely get angry and never reach enraged.

Classroom Activity:

Use the “Emotional Check In / Check Out” worksheets to help the student and instructor identify possible “Home Emotions.” 
Students should complete these as they enter and exit the classroom each day.