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Emotions Word Bank

Emotions Word Bank

The Emotions Word Bank is a great resource to help you choose appropriate words for each skill level.

Resources Needed:
Download and print as needed:

Things to consider before you begin: Select target emotion word based on pre-determined pace, scope, and sequence.

Use this Word Bank sheet and Emotions Color Wheel as you answer these questions:

  1. Pace: How often should I introduce a new emotion word?
    How often will I review targeted words to promote maintenance?
  2. Scope: How many words will I target?
    Will I only choose words from level 1 based on student ability?
  3. Sequence: Will I target words within a certain type (i.e. “Happy” emotions) first or within a certain emotional range (i.e. mild emotions) first?

Note: On the Emotions Color Wheel, the emotional types are grouped by color (“Happy” = green). In terms of range, mild emotions are on the outer perimeter of the circle; the most extreme emotions are found in the circle’s core.