Shape Tracing

1. Print out the shapes worksheet.
2. Laminate (or cover with clear contact paper) and you can use the same sheet over and over.

1. Demonstrate tracing the shape with your finger.
2. Help the child trace the shape with his/her finger.
3. Give the child a wipe-off crayon or "Vis a Vis" marker to trace the shapes.
4. Number dots and have child connect dots in order.
5. Cut out shapes and back with heavy cardboard. Have child trace around shape.

skill development:
Shape recognition, fine motor control, counting skill with numbered dots. Use large motor skills to draw shapes in finger paint, shaving cream, sand, salt, rice or drawing with chalk on sidewalk or pavement.

Hand over hand assistance may be needed at first.
As your child improves at this task move to a worksheet with fewer, lighter dots.