New Teacher Handbook
printables & classroom help
Making requests
Create customized teaching aids for visual learners.
Special Needs Handbook for Teachers

Fine Motor Skill Development
Includes interactive and printable coloring pages, tracing activities, pincer grasp refinement tasks, art project ideas, and more.
 Language Development
Includes functional communication, receptive and expressive labeling, categorization concepts, prepositions, songs and games, and more.
Visual Discrimination
Includes activities for color, shape, and letter discrimination, spatial orientation and categorization games, and printable resources.
Includes resources for early literacy skills, phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension, and sight words, as well as graphic organizers, printable resources, and games.
Includes problem-solving strategies, printable resources, and games.
Learning Strategies
Includes information on cognitive effects, visual maps and graphic organizers, problem-solving steps, study and organizational skills, and teacher resources.

Teacher Toolbox
Includes detailed information and instructional strategies to promote the academic, social, and behavioral success of students in the classroom environment.

New Teacher Handbook
With tips, printables, and ready-made materials, you will feel prepared and confident when the students arrive on the first day of school!