Visual Discrimination

Visual discrimination is the ability to accurately compare and contrast visual forms (e.g. shapes, symbols, colors, numbers, objects).  Children should be exposed to an array of developmentally appropriate activities that encourage them to discern the similarities and differences between visual forms.   

Discriminating between colors & Categories

Printable color matching activity

Color recognition, fine motor skills.

What Color?

Learn colors with Bud.

What’s Different?

Game targeting categories and exclusion concepts.

Discriminating Between Shapes

Printable shape matching worksheets

Use these print outs to reinforce shape recognition.

The Shape Book

Students learn their shapes by decorating each shape with various textures.

Shape People

Make a shape person with triangles, circles or squares.

Shape Bingo

This is a fun way to reinforce shape recognition and work on social skills and language development at the same time.

Printable shape matching activity

Shape recognition, color recognition, fine motor strength

Shape tracing printable sheets

Shape recognition, fine motor control, counting skill with numbered dots.