Children exhibit difficulties in mathematics for a number of reasons.  Some children struggle to efficiently encode verbal and visual information.  This could impede a child’s registration of information in memory and impact the integration of the information needed to form concepts.  In addition, difficulties with the processing of visual-spatial information could hinder a child’s ability to create mental representations to support mathematical problem solving. 


Teaching Strategies

Concept knowledge

Children need to grasp ideas that provide a foundation for subsequent learning and  support a variety of tasks and procedures that go beyond a single activity.

Fact knowledge

To support skills to execute problem solving, children need to have basic mathematic fact and computation knowledge.

Procedural knowledge

Procedural knowledge tells how to manipulate the concepts to alter the amounts, values, and forms to solve the problems.

Special Needs Handbook for Teachers

This handbook will help you create an organized and efficient classroom environment where your special needs students will thrive. 

Visual Aids

Dot-to-dot numbers 0-9 printable sheets

Printable clock

Printable math grids and helpers


Card Games

Instructions for computation, number sense and sequencing, number recognition, categorizing and number sets, spatial skills, and logic.

How Many?

Interactive Card Game