Language Development

A child’s language development is impacted by neurological, social, and environmental factors. This section offers an array of strategies and resources designed to promote language development within a number of key areas including functional communication, articulation and production, receptive and expressive labeling, and more. 


Functional Communication - Expressing Wants & Needs


View2Do is an online program that lets teachers and parents create customized teaching aids for visual learners.

The Basics of Reciprocal Communication

We communicate with others to make our needs and desires known.

Making Choices

Children with special needs can be successful in a classroom environment that establishes appropriate expectations and goals.

Making Requests

In order to successfully manage a room full of students, you must establish clearly defined procedures.

Concrete to Abstract Activity Choice Board

This board shows different transition objects from the most concrete to the most abstract.

Learning Social Skills: A Conversation Workbook

This workbook helps teens and young adults master basic conversational skills.


Receptive and Expressive Labeling

Parts of Me Song

This short animated song teaches the parts of the body.

Shape Bingo

Printable Bingo game helps kids learn basic shapes.

What Color? Game

Learn colors with Bud.

Picture Card Bingo

Use picture cards to make custom bingo games.


Use old pieces of toys and games to make labels.


Position, sequence, and classification

What's Different? Game

Interactive game targets categories and exclusion.

Personal safety

Bus Safety

These fun animated songs help children learn the rules of riding the bus to school.

Street Safety

The Street Safety Songs teach children how to be safe while near the street. 

Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Song shows children of all ages what to do in case of a fire in the home.

Mall Safety

The Mall Safety Song teaches the importance of holding onto a growup while at the mall. 


Sounds Sing-A-Long

These videos show a creative speech program developed by an experienced speech therapist to help children with pronunciation difficulties.