Fine Motor Skills Development

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements in such areas as the fingers and hands.  These movements often operate in coordination with the eyes.  Children who exhibit deficits with fine motor skills may have delays when learning to color, use scissors, write, fasten clothing, hold utensils, and to complete activities that require left to right task orientation.  There are a number of fun and easy activities that you can engage a child in to target some of these issues. 


Art Projects

How to draw

Step-by-step guide pages.

Marble painting activity

Use marbles to create art.

String art activity

Make a painting with string.

Dot art activity

Create a mosaic style painting.

Rubbing art activity

Nature rubbings.

Veggie art activity

Use the vegetables to make creative prints.



Tracing & Coloring


View2Do is an online program that lets teachers and parents create customized teaching aids for visual learners.

Shape tracing printable sheets

Shape recognition, fine motor control, counting skill with numbered dots. 

Block and script letters A-Z printable sheets

Helpful for guiding early writers in proper letter height, width and placement of the letters.

Bubble activity for the pincer grasp

This activity is designed to improve fine motor skills. 

Dot-to-dot letters A-Z printable sheets

Dot-to-dot numbers 0-9 printable sheets

Coloring Pages