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This section isolates a few common expressions for discussion along with printable activities to reenforce the face clues. First a face shows the main area of the face to note when identifying the expression. Then there are a couple of pages showing the expression on faces of people of a different age, sex, and ethnicity. One expression page is made up of photographs, one of line drawings. Some children find line drawings easier to understand initially so it is recommended you start with simple face drawings and then progress to photos This is followed by activities to help identify the clues on a face for this expression. Afterwards activities tie this facial expression to a feeling. Finally, there is a Word Search that provides a maze of hidden terms that are feelings similar to the same feeling as this expression.

The last part of this section combines the different expressions discussed earlier in print activities and contains solution sheets for the previous Word Searches. As noted before, facial clues and feelings are very individual and these activities are meant to be a starting point for understanding how to isolate and understand what people may be expressing with their faces. Once these activities are completed it is recommended that you generalize these ideas by helping a child learn to read the facial clues and feelings on the faces of people around them.