Classroom Management

Leveled Point System - Using Daily Point Sheets
daily point sheet

How to create:

  1. Observe each student’s behavior during designated intervals.
  2. Place a “check” in the box if the behavior was exhibited. Place a “minus” if it was not.
  3. Continue observing and recording each student’s behavior throughout the day.
  4. Each time a student leaves the room (e.g. art, speech, etc.), have him/her take an On the Go Point Sheet for the teacher to chart. Transfer this information, along with any comments, onto the main point sheet when he/she returns.
  5. Conduct a conference with each student individually at the end of the day. Each Conferences should last no longer than 3 minutes per student.
  6. During the conference, count the number of checks to determine the level the student earned and then record this number on the point sheet.
  7. Discuss with the student times of the day in which he/she was following directions and when he/she was not. Discuss any patterns in the student’s behavior as well.
  8. Give the student his/her point sheet to take home. This goes home daily and requires a parent’s signature.
  9. Allow the student to choose a privilege from the list matching with the level he/she earned and have the student place his/her number next to it. Note: Depending on the privilege, the student will either earn it immediately or the following day.
  10. Using the Tracking Form , record the level each student earns daily.