To Gain the Teacher's Attention

ideas to get the teacher's attentionColored Cups

Use colored plastic cups (or color your own foam cups for less money). Students should place the cups inside one another and upside down on the corner of their desks. They will follow the procedure below to notify you when they need help.

Red on top—“I need help now!”

Yellow on top—“I need help when you can get to me.”

Green on top—“I’m fine.”


Hand Signals

The students raise a certain number of fingers corresponding to a predetermined request created by the teacher.

1 finger—“I would like to use the bathroom.”

2 fingers—“I would like to speak.”

3 fingers—“I would like to sharpen my pencil.”


Index Card on Desk

Fold a piece of construction paper or card stock into three-sections. On one side of the pyramid, write the message “I’m fine.” Write the message “I need help” on the other side. Leave the third side of the pyramid blank. Students should place the cards (blank side down) on their desks and turn them as needed to get the teacher’s attention.