Setting up

Tips for Getting Organized

  • assignment binsAssignment Bins

    Label plastic bins or baskets “IN” and “OUT” and place them on a table by the door for the students’ convenience. Students should place completed assignments, notes from parents, etc. in the “IN” bin. Graded work, field trip notices, and anything to go home should be placed in the “OUT” bin. These papers will later be transferred into students’ Weekly Folders.

  • Attendance

    Have students take roll each day by using the Tracking Form. Place this on a table near the door.

  • Book labels

    Use Book Labels to organize your classroom library by categories to facilitate independent book selection.
    chore chart
  • Calendars

    Enlarge and post Calendars in the classroom or use to keep track of important school events and meetings.

  • Center labels

    Separate your classroom into centers and use Center Labels to define various centers.

  • Duties

    Make a job chart and involve the students in cleaning up the classroom prior to dismissal. It makes them feel special and gives them a sense of ownership.

  • Homework Agenda

    Create Homework Agendas for each student. Students should place all homework assignments in the “to do” pocket. When their homework is complete, they will transfer the work to the “finished” pocket. Parents will then sign the agenda verifying the work was completed.

  • Weekly Folder

    Create Weekly Folders for each student. In the “keep” pocket, include graded work, letters from the PTA, etc. In the “return” pocket, include behavior sheets, field trip notices, overdue work notices, and other things that require a parent’s signature. Designate which day the folders will go home each week.

    homework agenda weekly folder
    Homework Agenda Weekly Folder

  • pocket chartSchedules

    Create a daily schedule with words and pictures using a pocket chart. Post the schedule in an area that is visible to everyone.

    Make individualized schedules for students who require this accommodation using the View2Do Program.

  • Number System

    Assign a number to each student and have the students keep the same numbers all year. Use the numbers to label students’ cubbies, textbooks, anything you have class sets of, and the classroom management plan. This will prevent you from have to label items each year.