Setting up

Substitute Book

It is important to be prepared for a substitute prior to the first day of school. You never know when an emergency might arise and you need to be out of the classroom. In order for things to run smoothly while you are out, keep a Substitute Folder on your desk complete with information about your school, students, schedules, and more. A substitute will appreciate the information and be willing to cover for you again in the future.

Include the following items in a 3-ring binder in the order listed below:cover substitute folder

  1. Substitute Folder Cover Sheet
  2. Information Sheet
  3. Map of School
  4. Lesson Plans
  5. Class Roster
  6. Tracking Form for Attendance
  7. Class Schedule
  8. Special Ed & Related Service Schedule
  9. Seating Chart
  10. Classroom Rules
  11. Classroom Management System
  12. Rewards and Consequences
  13. Procedures List
  14. "A Note from the Sub."


substitute folder open