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Helpful Hints for Navigating this Website

This website is designed to be a step-by-step guide for everything you need to know about finding, getting, and keeping a job.  We recommend that you go through the site in order, starting with the Determining Interests section:

Here are some important features you should know how to use:


The main toolbar on the left shows you all the major topics discussed on the website.  You can use your mouse to scroll down to the topic you are interested in.  If the title becomes highlighted when the cursor is over it, click on it. 

Most topics have a sidebar that appears to the right, showing the subtopics within that section.  Use your mouse to scroll over the subtopic you are interested in and click on the highlighted title to go to that webpage. 

Navigation Arrows:

These arrows take you to the previous or following webpage. 

If you click on the arrow on the left, you will go to the previous webpage. If you click on the arrow on the right, you will go to the next webpage.  These arrows make it easy to go through the website in order.

Why? Boxes:

Throughout the website you will see this orange "Why?" icon:

When you click the button, a box will pop up. This box contains an explanation of the reason behind certain behavioral and social rules.  We want you to know whether a behavior is appropriate and inappropriate, but we also want you to understand why the behavior is appropriate or inappropriate. 

After reading the “Why Box,” you can make it disappear by clicking on “close window” at the bottom of the box.


The website contains many videos that show appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.  To view the video, click on the video icon. 

Please note that some public computers (e.g., public libraries, internet cafes) may not allow you to view video content.

When you watch the videos:

  1. Make sure the volume on your computer is loud enough for you to hear the video.

  2. Read the caption beneath the video.  The caption tells you what happens in the video.  The purpose of the caption is to tell you what to pay attention to in the video.

  3. Next, watch the video by clicking on the “play” symbol.

  4. Finally, read the caption beneath the video again. 

  5. Read the captions and watch the videos as many times as you need until you understand the concept.  If you have questions, ask a family member, counselor, teacher, or friend to explain it to you.

Key Points:

The “Key Points” box reviews the most important information from that particular webpage.  It is recommended that you read all of the content on the website, and then use the key points to summarize what you just read. 

You should print out the key points so that you have an easily accessible reminder of that topic.  All “Key Points” boxes are printable.


The website offers many worksheets, handouts, charts, checklists, cue cards, and questionnaires that can be printed out.  These are referred to as “printables.”  Printables allow you to have a print out of that information, rather than it just being on your computer.  When you have a print out of the information, you are more likely to remember that information.

There is a printable on nearly every page of this website.

To print out the printable, follow these steps:

  1. In some cases, you should click on the underlined title of the printable located on the bottom right side of the printable box. 

    In other cases, you should click on the print button: .
  1. Wait for the full page image of the printable to appear. 
  1. Click the "Print" icon in your browser to print the page.

If the printable is a checklist, hand out, or cue card, post it in a convenient location where you can easily find and look at it.  If it is a worksheet or questionnaire, complete it accordingly.

Tip Boxes:

"Tip boxes" provide helpful hints and suggestions throughout the website.  In order for you to fully understand the tip boxes, you should also read all of the content written on that webpage.