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What's Your Scene?


When you completed the Social Skills Assessments, did you have mostly A’s, B’s, or C’s?

A = Some jobs require a person to have relatively strong social skills. This is because some jobs require very frequent interaction with customers and co-workers. 
B = Some jobs might require that you work near customers, but you might not have to interact with them on a regular basis. 
C = Other jobs do not require you to work near or with customers at all. In addition, some jobs don’t require that you spend a lot of time with co-workers either. 

These three types are: 

A. "In the Scene"
B. "Behind the Scene"
C. "Out of the Scene"

You should find the job that is the right "social" fit for you.   Before you start exploring specific jobs that interest you, it is important to determine how your social skills and social interests match up with three main types. 

No matter whether you work in the scene, behind the scene, or out of the scene, you have an important "role" to play!  Find the job that best suits your interests, skills, and abilities