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What's Your Scene?

Behind the Scene

If you work "Behind the Scene" of customer service, you would not have to talk with customers on a regular basis. On occasion, a customer may ask you to help them locate a certain item or person.  You will probably have to interact with co-workers at least one time per hour. 

You will probably work near many customers and some co-workers.   This means you might sit or stand near customers and co-workers. These jobs also require that you manage your anxiety and frustration in appropriate ways.  Even when you feel upset, you have to be able to keep those feelings to yourself because you are working in public.  Customers don’t want to see or hear about your stress and frustration.  

If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, then you might consider looking for a "Behind the Scene" job:
  1. Could you work with more than 10 people in a room?
  2. If a customer needed assistance or information, would you be willing to help them?
  3. Do you feel okay working near customers (people you don’t know)?
  4. Would you rather have infrequent (i.e. once per hour) social contact with new people?
  5. Are you okay working in a busy environment?

Watch these videos to see people working "Behind the Scene."

What are specific "Behind the Scene" jobs?
  • Nursery worker / groundskeeper
  • Shelf stocker
  • Grocery bagger
  • Bus boy in restaurant
  • Veterinary technician /assistant
  • Custodian (if working during normal business hours)
  • Auto mechanic
  • Cook
  • Medical technician
  • Baggage handler
  • Musician
  • Air traffic controller
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Restaurant kitchen helper
  • Library assistant
  • Mailman

If you have not already taken our Social Skills Assessment, check it out!