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Social Skills Assessments


There are three steps to this process:

  1. Complete the Part 1 Self-assessment.
  2. Have someone else who knows you complete the Part 2 Assessment.
  3. Go to the Results section to discuss and compare answers.

Part 1:  Self-assessment  

  1. There are 31 items on this assessment.  It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete it.

  2. Print out this self-assessment.

  3. Read each question carefully. Circle A, B, or C for each item.
  4. A = Almost always
    B = Sometimes
    C = Rarely

  • Respond to each question as honestly as you can.

  •  If you are not sure about a question or do not understand it, you can circle the ‘?’ for "Not Sure."
  • If you need help completing this assessment, ask someone (a family member, teacher, etc.) to assist you. 


Self Assessment PART 1

Part 2:   Assessment by Trusted Person

  1. Print out the Part 2 assessment.

  2. Ask someone else to complete the Part 2 Assessment.  The person who completes this section should be someone who knows you very well.  You should trust this person and feel comfortable with them because you will be discussing the answers of the assessment with them.  They might be a family member, a teacher, a job coach, or a therapist.

  3. The reason you should have a trusted person fill out this assessment is so that they can provide an additional perspective.  They can confirm your answers and maybe offer insight into things you did not think about.  This is important for all people with or without a disability.  However, one characteristic of ASD is having limited insight into the nature of social relationships.  That is why it is so important to have someone else complete the assessment with you - in case your insight or judgment may be slightly off.  It is important to accept and learn these things about yourself so that you can speak up for yourself in the future.  If you are not aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it will be difficult to advocate for yourself.

  4. Part 1 and Part 2 assessments ask the same things and in the same order, but the questions are phrased differently.  


Self Assessment PART 2