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Environmental Demands


What do we mean by environmental demands? Well, it refers to all the environmental aspects of the workplace, such as:

1. Location
2. Noise level
3. Lighting level
4. Work hours
5. Amount of movement
6. Cleanliness and odors
7. Work attire (clothing)
8. Structure & predictability
9. Work pace

Each job contains a variety of environmental demands.  Most people do not have full control over their work environment – and no work environment is 100% perfect. 

Environmental Demands Rating Worksheet

Environmental Demands Rating Worksheet

It is important for you to carefully consider what sort of environment you could tolerate working in.

  • Use the Environmental Demands Rating worksheet as you read about each environmental demand.  This worksheet will help you identify the demands that might be easier, or more difficult, for you to tolerate.

Environmental Demands Worksheet


Dealing with Environmental Demands Worksheet

When you are presented with certain environmental demands, there are minor accommodations (changes or adjustments) you might arrange to make the environment more tolerable for you.  Sometimes, a few small adjustments can make it much easier for you to cope.