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Environmental Demands


The location of your workplace can range from an indoor location to outdoor location.

If you work indoors, you may work in climate controlled workplace.

A climate controlled workplace is a place that is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.   This means that your work environment would usually be set to a comfortable temperature. 

Jobs that take place in climate-controlled settings:

  • office clerk
  • cashier
  • librarian
  • bank teller
  • budget analyst
  • computer programmer
  • graphic designer
  • accountant

You might work indoors, but in a place that is not climate controlled.

This means that the workplace is hot and/or humid and does not have air conditioning.  You could get hot or cold sometimes, depending on the weather or depending on the work setting.

Indoor jobs that might not be climate-controlled:

  • stock clerk in a warehouse
  • factory worker
  • greenhouse worker
  • farm worker
  • cook
  • construction worker

You might work outdoors.

You may be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions including rain, sun, sleet, and snow.   This means that you will not have control over the temperature.  So, you will need to dress according to the weather outside.  Sometimes the weather may even interfere with your work schedule.  For example, if you are an outdoor tour guide, you might not go to work if it is raining or snowing.

Jobs that might take place outdoors:

  • farm worker
  • plant nursery worker
  • baggage handler
  • mail carrier                                           
  • construction worker
  • tour guide
  • landscape worker
  • outdoor sports instructor (e.g., teaching tennis or skiing)

Some jobs may have multiple locations

These jobs may require that you work both indoors and outdoors.  You might not work in the same area each day. 

Jobs that might take place in multiple locations:

  • restaurant waiter
  • photographer 
  • engineer
  • grocery bagger
  • construction worker
  • electrician


Sometimes, your job may require you to tolerate certain environmental demands that you do not like.  No work environment is perfect all the time.  Everyone has to cope with certain job-related environmental demands.

How can you cope with indoor jobs? 

Wear layers so you can take off your top layer if you get too hot.

Wear layers so you can put a sweater on if you get too cold.

Get a small fan to keep your area cool.

Take scheduled breaks outside to get "fresh air."

How can you cope with outdoor jobs?  Here are some ideas:

Take scheduled breaks indoors or in the shade.

Wear warm clothing (coat, warm socks, etc…) in cold weather.

Wear light layers in hot weather.

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Wear sunglasses, tinted lenses, or transition lenses.

It is important to learn coping strategies and techniques so you will keep the job you want. Go to our Coping Section for help.